BCA Search

Watch our step by step video on how to track a vehicle or read our full guide below:

You also have the option to track a vehicle. To track the vehicle, please "select the star button" to the right hand side of the vehicle:

Tracking a vehicle with BCA Search

Or track within the vehicle details by clicking "Track this vehicle"

You can locate your tracked vehicles easily by selecting the "MyBCA button" in the top right hand corner of the website and then clicking on "Tracked Vehicles".

Tracking a vehicle with BCA Search

Printing tracked vehicles

Here, you can view the vehicle and sale information, plus print the tracked vehicle details with Guide Pricing (if applicable/eligible) or without Guide Pricing (if applicable/eligible). Please be aware that the information here will be removed once the vehicle has sold, unless you have purchased the vehicle and this can then be found in "My Purchases" within MyBCA.