BCA Essential Check

BCA Essential Check  - Be Better Informed

BCA Essential Check has been developed to give you more information on older, higher mileage vehicles.#

Now available on selected LCVs!

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 BCA Essential Check Customer Guide


What is BCA Essential Check

The BCA Essential Check is a 35+ point check on older higher mileage vehicles. Giving you more information than we ever have before on this market segment.


It covers areas such as: tyre tread, headlight/sidelight illumination, window / wiper/ mirror operation, some warning lights and more.



  • 35+ point check
  • Carried out onsite at our remarketing centres
  • More information than ever on older, higher mileage vehicles
  • Low cost at only £7.50 ex. VAT per vehicle.
  • Easily access the report – on the vehicle windscreen sticker and online pre-sale


Have a look at the BCA Essential Check: Customer Guide to learn more about the assessment, how it is done and what is covered.