Paying your BCA invoice online

Pay with a debit card online

Card payments

For the quickest and easiest payment, pay online using your debit card. Please select ‘Pay By Card’ option when paying for a vehicle via My Purchases or email invoice. Please note card payments are limited to under £20,000 and only UK issued debit cards are accepted.

Important Information - Please note we have made an important security update and you will now need to make sure you have your BCA One Login when you go through the card payment process online.

Please follow these simple steps to pay by card (under £20,000)

  1. Access your digital invoice via email or MyBCA
  2. Select Pay by Card payment method
  3. Enter your billing and card details
  4. All done! You will receive and email confirmation of your payment

Pay with a bank transfer online

Direct Bank Transfer

You can pay by your bank’s website by logging into your bank account and issuing a bank transfer using the details below. Please always quote the BCA invoice number or the purchased vehicle registration no.

What you will need:

  • BCA’s bank details: (Please take care to note this information down accurately.)

Important Information - These details are for electronic payment only and we DO NOT accept cash paid into HSBC bank.

How to pay online

IBAN Number:  GB93HBUK40210571309811


Branch BIC Number (BIC11): HBUKGB4112U

Steps to pay by Bank Transfer

Please note your bank account will need sufficient funds available to cover your invoice amount.

Visit your banks’ website. After you have signed in using your banking login details, you’ll need to choose to set up a Faster Payment. Banks may vary in what they call this, some call it a ‘Payment’, others a ‘Bill Payment’. If in doubt, consult your bank’s customer service team.

As reference please always quote:
•    BCA Invoice Number
•    Vehicle Registration details

The image below shows where to find the required information on your invoice.
How to pay online with BCA

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1)     Enter your billing and card details